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cloud spires by Happypants3 cloud spires by Happypants3
speedpaint (an attempted one, lol), ~1.5 hrs. From spyro 3, which I've just restarted for the.. third time? Playing your favourite games every few years is a good way to stay young. I've never managed to retain a pokemon game in my life, so my playstation ones are all I really have left.

It's a beautiful universe the artists created, even with the limitations of their platform. I don't think any game ever quite rivalled that feeling of whimsy from the original trilogy. Of course I'm not one who's kept up with kid's games these days. Anyway, the 'spires are my favourite level of all time. I wanted to do it justice but fell pretty short due to my aversion to bright colours; a powerful lesson, I suppose.

I'm one of those people who struggles with environments and painting, so any inspiration to practice should be leapt upon with haste. I was doing alright at the blocking-in stage and then the colour values kind of tumbled down at some point, lmao. Next I'm hoping to try the method where one begins with greyscale, then lays colours over the top. That way the image should end up easier to read. This is all in one layer though, which was also a really good exercise for me.

These holidays one of the many things I wanted to do was buckle down on watercolours; the extent I ended up using them was to paint up some doodles, and that has a lot to do with simply being scared. Pulling off something like this, though - it's not great, but I wouldn't have thought I could do anything close - does a lot to boost my morale. I'm hoping I'll retain the encouragement to continue with things that are new.
spiffychicken Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
Haha I so remember this level, well, it probably wasn't that long ago that I replayed the game but whatevs =w= I think a lot of things about the third game were really memorable... This level and it's little cat things... I guess they're fairies if you really think about it, but no one really thinks about it lD

But hey, congrats on doing one of your goal thingies! I would think you'd be a natural with backgrounds, especially with a style like yours! And well, with pics like these, I wouldn't know otherwise cuz it looks great!! You've really captured the feeling of that level, not just with the colors, but also that lighting. Totally reminds me of Spyro flying back to the home world after levels (aka the loading screen), the day is saved B)
Happypants3 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Replying to this comment while we wait for the Keldeo movie ¬3¬ ♪ /shot

Completely agreed about spyro the third; I did play it before the first one so I'm possibly biased, but I feel like they really upped their game for the final performance, you know? *__* Like, sure the levels in the first game had some thought put into their design, but in the third you get the feeling these are full-blown worlds. Also yes, on like my second playthrough I was like "cloud spires!!! oh my god I love this level I need to pay attention and draw it sometime", and then this weird spiky thing waddles up and I'm like ":l"

Thank you so much, it's always encouraging receiving one of your comments, especially so soon after the previous one @ @ Hahaa oh gosh no, backgrounds intimidate me (although it's convenient that it appears otherwise /shot), but thank you for all your thoughts and support, it feels like I'm really getting somewhere. To be fair I mostly copied the sky from the artists though =w=
Okay so as I'm writing this you finished microwaving your tuesday dinner and now I'm holding both of us up, so off I go /shot
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